Breaking the Ice

Copious Musings is the bane of my existence. Being a writer is something I have wrestled with for a considerable amount of my life. If I accept that I am a writer, is that some bold admittance that I consider myself a talented one? Does ascribing to the title writer automatically engage me in some elite false ideal of who I am as a person? Does writing then force me to examine every form of text that I claim authorship of as an opportunity to demonstrate my ability (one that I claim to have as self absorption)?

Does being a blogger make me a common citizen using a platform to make political, social, or religious statements with an arrogant assumption that anyone actually cares?

I have drawn a very strong conclusion out of all of my wrestling. God created me with a very strong desire to write. It is how I most confidently express my emotions and thought processes without hesitation through written text.

I’m not going to make claims for this blog with which I cannot stick. Rather, I want to invite you to understand that there will be a collection of various forms of self expression. There may be quixotic prose that develops from a deeper part of my psyche. I want my general posts to be self actualized thoughts derived from daily interactions, particularly with my three favorite darlings. And since I am a word hoarder, I hope to express thoughts sparked by words being added to my vernacular.

Please, join me on my quest for self expression.

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