Seasons change in a predictable manner. Winter gives way to Spring, Spring to Summer and then Summer bows for Autumn. Today I’m delving into the expansion of my vocabulary by basing my entry off of this word of the day:



MEANING: noun: A period of four years.

Four years in lists of four.

Four influential people from my past four years.
1. My mother.
2. Shannan.
3. AC, T & E
4. Brandi.

Four cities in the past four years.
1. Bloomington
2. Huntingburg
3. Holland
4. Jasper

Four Bible Verses
1. Psalm 34:18
2. Psalm 138:8
3. Ephesians 3:20
4. James 1

Four lessons that I’ve learned in the past four years
1. I am not defined by my past mistakes.
2. Gracious people are those who have often been the recipients of a copious amount of grace.
3. This isn’t our home. And that is both beautiful and heart break invoking.
4. We are in charge of the choices that we make or do not make, but God knows our overarching story.

What about you? What are some of your lists of four for the past four years?


2 thoughts on “Four

  1. The top four greatest things about you:
    1. Your beauty is radient, both inside and out.
    2. Your desire to learn and expand is inspiring.
    3. You cradle the hearts of those who adore you with a gentleness some of us have never known.
    4. You have an impact that is greater than you know.

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