I’m in the wrong ocean


My hesitation and reservation are met with consideration as I trudge across the bridges that I should have burned
No lessons learned as I repeat the cycle that I set into motion
And I need an ocean of grace to meet me in this place as I have
Been swallowed by mistakes that I just don’t want to face
Miss the summers of freckles on skin where I knew on who I thought to depend and even if it all did end it didn’t seem in vain
And lately, all I’ve known is pain where the same salty brine has made it from the ocean, I’ve made it mine
As it soaks into war scarred skin I am not the end result of my sin rather I am an enigma (really we all are) resistance to the easiest path to take
Not the easiest path to live in, no mistake, but a slippery slope that we travel down once we lean too closely to the edge
The plunge is simple to take but it will break you at the bottom there are no friends and it is dark and lonely no one to hold me
Bondage holds me by chains of bad decisions made without hesitation or reservation
But there is a God who extends grace to replace my mistakes.


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