Rootless Tree

Remember Me As A Time of Day 009

2012 has been a haphazard year for me. I have navigated the busyness of life while carrying the burden of past mistakes and consequences left to face. I will not be sighing in passing this year off to the history books. Mondays are going to be days that I dive into particularly memories. I think that there is much truth in the phrase, “you cannot start a new chapter if you are busy reading the last one.” The evidences of this have been clear in my life and I am glad to know that I have the choice to press onward and discover life as it is happening, rather than constantly analyzing the moments after they have passed.

Being a single twenty something that professes Christianity and the moral system based on the standard within the Bible, proves to be a difficult sea to navigate. There are plenty of satirical and cynical approaches to being single, but that isn’t how I would approach the topic. I believe that there is a definite advantage to remaining single. As a nanny I devote a lot of time to ensuring that the children of others are properly raised on my watch. That leaves me quite a bit emotionally drained by the end of the day, but it inspires me to spend my free time unwinding in the company of those that I trust and the company of those that I enjoy. (I’m digressing, apologies).

I suffer, sorrowfully, with an inability to put events on a linear timeline. I memorize details that seem inherently useless to some, but to me, they feel incredibly important. These adventures into memories will seem terrible when it comes to spatial time constraints. However, I want to share what it is in my heart.


The park in my hometown is a wonderful place filled with various memories that blend together when I think too long. One particular adventure was with SL and I. We were going to unwind during the weekend of a school week. The college that I attended was 20 minutes from my parent’s house, and 30 minutes from the heart of the city in which I was born and raised. My favorite fixture in the entirety of the park, is the tree that takes more than 4 people to reach all the way around it. Every time I would stare at this tree, I would feel dwarfed in its enormity. It had the ability to inspire within me a feeling of being vastly minute in the grand scheme of things.

Staring at the trees that have aged hundreds of years echoes the concept of resilience and steadfastness, in spite of any weather tossed into play. Being with SL prompted an opportunity to take photos at random. This particular photo was taken, not because of the way the tree caught my eye, but because of the blueness in the sky. I felt so lost in an ocean of enormity and infinity.

What about you? Is there a place that you visit or have visited that makes you realize that the world is big and you are tremendously tiny?

2 thoughts on “Rootless Tree

    • Katie,
      Thank you so much for such a kind response. I absolutely love to write & have discovered that I should definitely be challenging myself to do so consistently. Thank you for being a reader. 🙂

      -miss Ashley

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