An Open Letter


I should have known better than to buy into the idea,
That you could be any different than the ones that came before,
You were spouting the same nonsense
About me being a constant and how I am a variable you can always count on,
But, no surprise, you are gone ever since you walked that way and I walked this way,
We were meant to be parallel and never perpendicular
There was never meant to be a point where our two lines would intersect,
I have spent days months years trying to unmemorize everything about you,
The way you smell and that cocky half mouth smile and how your eyes
Mixed with the right question made me feel like I was on trial
And your hand on mine and the feeling of summertime and how in your presence
All time stopped.
And I forgot, quickly, the fear that I felt that I would lose you
Though I never really had you
And the way that you could swell with rage at a moments notice
And time measures our age and the distance of your heart and mine,
And I have resigned because we no longer remain intertwined,
If I saw you I don’t even know what I’d say,
I would hope I’d have enough strength to just walk away
And all those promises, we didn’t keep
And sometimes I find myself still losing sleep
We fell into deep, but there was an escape hatch and I’m trying my best
To lock the door, with a latch and forget the way that
These heart strings will continue to echo a melody of you and me
But you went your way and I went mine
And, from the looks of it

We are doing just fine.


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