2013. Ground Zero.


I want to use my Tuesday voice to express my thankfulness. I tend to hop aboard the cynic ship. I can spend hours festering in the toxicity of negative thinking. It isn’t healthy, and it isn’t what I’m desiring for my 2013. Here is a list of things I’m thankful for from 2012.

01. My friends. They double as my family. They support me, encourage me and challenge me.
02. My nanny family. They are precious in every sense of the word. There is something starkly cozy about being with them weekly. In 2012 there were so many beautiful memories. We spent some time in Disney and Hilton Head. These adventures were both challenging and exciting.
03. My apartment. It isn’t just the space. It isn’t just the landlord. It isn’t just the location. It is the idea that I’ve had the opportunity to navigate through the waters of living on my own (again).
04. My church family. The congregation invites such a beautiful sense of community and camaraderie. I have developed a beautiful relationship with so many that I worship with weekly. These relationships are vital and sustain me when I feel weak.

This list is far from all inclusive. There is a definite sense of nostalgia from looking back. But I am glad to sign off on 2012 as a year by which I no longer need be haunted.

I have a clean slate in which I can begin a beautiful new chapter. I anticipate exciting character developments around the bend.

What five things are you thankful for from the year 2012?

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