I’m a Ghost.




MEANING: noun: 1. A neighboring area. 2. A place that one frequents or has control; haunt.

I’ve fancied myself a nomad. I am a professional at giving the appearance that I am settled, rooted, and integrated. Then, in the dark of night, I pack up my emotional bag and check out of the Hotel California.

Now I catch myself trying to uproot. I ache to pack my things and emotionally graft myself elsewhere. It isn’t that I’ve encountered anywhere else that I would rather be. I have discovered my consistent urge for self sabotage and hope to work against those desires.

My frequent haunt is the nanny home. I spend a considerable amount of time absorbing the details of their home filled with the lively, bubbly laughter from three beautiful darlings. I don’t have hesitation when I say that I fit there. It is a sense of an intricate root system of which I belong.

Where is your purlieu?


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