I am a sailor landlocked, tongue tied, trapped on land
I had a plan to be lost at sea but your ghost kept haunting me
And we used to be two tied together as one
You the captain, and I your one woman crew and together
Like two seperate trees with intertwining roots we grew
But something happened, slowly spreading like a disease
And everything about me cried out for release
In your eyes I no longer saw the Icelandic blue of the water in the wintertime
And no longer did the spaces between my fingers long to be filled
This steady build to a denouement was anticlimactic
Nothing dramatic about the parting of the trees
I no longer trace constellations on the freckles on your back,
I no longer seek you for the strength that I lack
Love without boundaries is the sea for the shore,
Resilient to return, no matter how much the shore turns it away,
We leave no one to blame,
No ghosts to linger on, a fair agreement that we both are gone,
You were designed for the sea, you’re the one who gets to be free
I am the tree, roots running deep
But part of me still longs for the saltwater air
The only salty water now are soft fallen tears
It took seconds to join your crew
And I’ll forget that feeling in a year or two.


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