The Lake.


Inhale, exhale. The crazy clamor of life rushing by makes it hard to remember a simple task like breathing. Everything is piling up and every deadline is racing towards you like another car playing chicken. And you close your eyes and put your foot all the way to floorboards. You will live life loudly and unapologetically.

And there are moments when that hurts. You memorize the little details about everyone you meet. And you know that even if they leave, you still have these memory vaults filled with pieces of everyone else. And you have heart rooms rented out to tenants who were never going to pay anything to your emotional bank. And all those checks will bounce.

But you love anyway.

And you’re not going to be the best at everything. And probably nothing. Except for being yourself. No one else can do that, only you. And you can’t let anything stop you from striving for that.

You will give something all that you have and it will disappoint you. He will leave. She won’t forgive you. You will lose your appetite over it and forget what restful sleep feels like.

But you will find a place to pause. You will find your home in a serene location. You’ll fixate, not on what is broken, but on what has yet to be built. And you’ll remember to inhale, exhale once again.

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