2013. Thankfulness.


It’s that time again! I am going to highlight some things that I have already discovered I am thankful for in this year 2013.

01. My friends. I started my year off with three very special people to me. They laugh with me, cry with me and challenge me to find strength even when I want to abandon it.
And even more importantly, I can call up my friends that live miles away and know that they are there to support me. I’m really thankful for people these days. Which sounds so opposite of who I have been for too long.
02. My bed. I love my king sized bed. And that sounds absolutely ridiculous. I know! But there’s something extremely fulfilling about crawling into my bed after a long day and snuggling with all of my pillows. It is the little things.
03. This blog. I really wrestled with knowing that I needed to rediscover my voice. And with each post I feel my dead bolt on being authentic being undone. I feel like I’m starting to rediscover what once was lost. And I love it.
04. Confirmation. I love it when things that have open endings find closure. I love when it is confirmed that someone has overstayed their welcome in my life and that it is officially time to move on.
05. Weekends. I love the no schedule approach to weekends after I adhere to a loose one all week.

What about you? What are you thankful for in 2013?


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