Who is in charge here anyway?


I love the little girls I nanny so much. I love them when they are playing wild. I love them when they are sweet and snuggle with me. I love it when they each do their own individual laughs. I love their messy hair in the mornings and the dances that they do when they are squirming from their outfits for the day. I love them, even when they dayt things that make me double take.

(T is three. Keep that in mind. And we were cleaning up the basement because it was quite the disaster.)
T: If you do this (make her clean) every day in the basement, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.
Me: (remaining composed though I didn’t want to) And why is that?
T: Well, because I’m in charge of my life.

I had to turn away from her because I didn’t want to laugh as I sternly responded. But I couldn’t help but find her response ridiculous. So many reasons came to mind. One, she is three years old! Two, I fix her meals, wipe her bottom, wipe snot from her face, remind her to not do things that will harm her…

And, of course, I realized, just a few moments later…this is me. I swear that God has given me a tremendous blessing with being a nanny and a daycare worker before that. It is a huge mirror reflective of my spiritual toddler experience.

God probably is in stitches before He lovingly and sternly responds to my requests. Who am I to think that I am in charge? I have to survey all that He has done and accept that I cannot fathom all that He is doing. But boy how I want to be in charge of my life.

Also, pray for me. Clearly there’s a wee bit of a power struggle. And I have to remember, I’m clearly outnumbered. 😉


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