You are an apple with a tougher skin,
All this time you thought you were paper thin,
Then you faced the blade and walked away unscathed.

You are ferocious hear your roar,
You’ve fallen down but you’ve chosen to endure,
You could have forfeit but it isn’t in you to quit.

There are plenty who wait on the sidelines,
Counting your skin and drawing up a list of your crimes,
But it isn’t who hates you because they can’t break you.

You are royalty and your destiny is constantly in motion,
You encountered grace and bathed in its ocean,
Stake your claim and bring Him fame.

Look forward and don’t let the past creep in,
You have overcome LET THAT SINK IN,
You don’t have to carry the shame, you don’t have to shoulder the blame.

You are not an apple full of worms,
You have bruises from lessons learned,
But you still taste just as sweet because you have seen defeat

And conquered it.


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