The Sun Shines Bright


I am learning that true thankfulness isn’t something you acquire overnight. Instead, it is an attitude that takes initial discipline, and continued refresher courses. The more I seek out what I am thankful for, the more thankful I feel.

01. Kentucky. I am so glad that I spent a weekend with my mother and brother. They are two incredibly influential people in my life and I am so blessed that they are mine.
02. That I don’t have to drive four hours every day or 9+ hours every weekend. I am kind of over driving for a few weeks at least.
03. Internal determination. While incredible to have external forces pushes to be a better person, the moment that you decide something in your own mind is epiphany level. No amount of outward coaching would have made me get up and run this morning.
04. These littles. Golly gee. They are so sweet, and going away and coming back always reminds me of that!

What are you thankful for today?


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