Lack of Patience



PRONUNCIATION: (san*-FRWA) [* the first syllable is nasal]

MEANING: noun: Calmness, especially under stress.

Today can we talk about something that I lack? It is something that I desire, strongly to possess. It is the calmness that rests calmly and assuredly on the knowledge that every little bump in the road does not wield the power to send me careening into a ditch.

My life use to be a bucket full of stress. Every moment used to fill me with dread because I am a control freak. I don’t want to control your life. I want to control every single inch of mine, though.

I don’t get that option, though. I can’t stand up and claim that as my right. I can’t do a significant amount of controlling when a great deal of my life is directly contingent on other people and outside influences.

My most recent drive back to Indiana from Kentucky showed this lack. It is like taking a float into a pool and the float has a tiny hole. You don’t realize that hole is there until it hits the water.

You don’t always note a significant lack of patience until you meet the water. Or, in my case, the road. Driving in inclement weather reduced me to tears. I was running on less sleep than usual. I was driving in an unfamiliar location, and the weather was awful.

I pose a question for you: how do you maintain your sangfroid?


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