Nonsensical. Ridiculous. Foolish. Naive. Take your pick at words that you would choose to describe me. I can take it. I promise.

I say this because my best friend told me I was insane for picking running back up in the middle of winter. And she is correct. It is crazy. It is insane. It is absolutely ridiculous. But, it is something that I understand.

If you want something in life, you stop making excuses and you go for it.

I know, full well, that there are many things in life that require you to pause and wait and pray and discern the right time of action. Taking charge of your health, and reentering a workout schedule is something that I could make a list of 100 excuses to prolong. But, I won’t.

I want a year of no more excuses. I don’t want to drink sodas and juices just because it is convenient or it tastes better. They have very little value for me. They aren’t making me feel any better so why do I keep reaching for them?

I think I’m also realizing that as I am seizing these opportunities to train my body to crave exercising, I can train my spiritual self to crave more of the Spirit.

You can hear the undertones in all of my previous posts. This is the year that I don’t want to look like years prior. I hated parts of my life and even parts of myself. Life isn’t guaranteed, and what I do have cannot be wasted on hating something that God created. I have to move on. I have to exercise my real muscles and my spiritual muscles.

But if you happen to see an icicle beside the road one evening or morning, please don’t mind me. I will eventually thaw out.


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