Open Letter:


Forget the former things that trail behind,
Do not let the past inhabit your mind,
You are not the sum of past mistakes,
You are not what causes you to break.
You can’t declare a do over for things that have come to past,
Live this day. This moment. They could be your last.
Don’t reread the chapter that you just finished writing,
There are adventures untold ahead–how exciting!
Give in, sometimes, to your wanderlust,
Wear a sign that says “adventure or bust”,
Don’t sacrfice identity for the latest thrill,
Reputation and integrity are nearly impossible to rebuild,
Love deeply and boldly without reservation,
Give yourself to a cause without hesitation,
Regret, only, the chances that you didn’t take,
Don’t ruminate on those past mistakes.
Laugh until it hurts, until your sides might split,
Then laugh some more. You can never get enough of it.
Who will stop you? That’s right, only you.
You are in charge of what you do or don’t do.
Reach for goals, achieve them, then make some more,
Remembering, always what you stand for
This is your life. Live it.
This is your life. Don’t miss it.


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