Runner and foodie.


This post isn’t going to be eloquent or exciting. It is probably a guaranteed ramble of confessions and frustrations. That’s my warning to all of you still willing to trudge through.

I wish I were a runner. I wish that every time I laced up my sneakers that I got out there and ran quickly without feeling like I might die in the middle of it. Not the case. Should be the moment where I get discouraged and just throw in the towel.

But I won’t do that.

As badly as I want to give this up I know I shouldn’t. Why? Because the couch to 5k program is designed for people like me. Because it helps develop stamina and technique with interval training until I can do three miles and consider it my short run. Because I’ve done it before, and I’m so frustrated that I went this long and have to start over.

I’m tired of giving up.

2013 is a year that I don’t want anymore excuses. I don’t want to do things merely out of convenience. I want to do things with purpose. This year I will live purposefully.

I started meal planning. I started making breakfast at my apartment. I started challenging myself to give up fast food and start being concious of what I’m eating. I’m giving up soda too. So I don’t know that I would mess with me ;).

I’m going to keep trying new recipes. I’m going to keep researching new foods to make and love or hate. Because it is doable. It isn’t always the fastest choice, but it is the best I can do for my body.

Ok. There isn’t a clever wrap up for this entry. Just word vomit, really.

What’s 2013 going to be for you?


2 thoughts on “Runner and foodie.

  1. i always wish that i was a runner as well, but it’s never something that i’ve been good at. i tried to do couch to 5k last semester, and i ended up having to quit two weeks before i was done due to being sick and just hitting a wall. so frustrating.

    i’m proud of you for getting going on the things that you want to do!

    • I do have to admit that I’ve hit a wall. That ridiculous stomach virus came to visit the girls that I nanny. And, so it found a new carrier. I just don’t want this to be another 2011 or 2012. Something has to be better. This year has to allow me to be better. Or I’m just going to wait to punch 2014 in the face before it gets me too.

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