Jesus, you’re the lover of my soul



PRONUNCIATION: (kas-uh-NO-vuh, kaz-)

MEANING: noun: A man notorious for his many love affairs; a seducer.

My present Wednesday night small group is studying the book of Daniel with Beth Moore. My spirit has already been undeniably blessed as I am forced to reevaluate the world that I live in, and compare it to Babylon. I don’t want to be a daughter of Babylon. Rather, I want to be a Daniel. I want to stand for God even if it means standing out of a crowd.

What does this have to do with the word Casanova? Well, the second I saw it I thought of the world as a Casanova. The world has many lovers, and the world is very much a seducer.

Making godly decisions doesn’t come naturally. On the contrary, it goes against our nature. It is easy for me to let my tongue remain unbridled and to say whatever comes to mind. It is easy for me to write off people that irritate me or require work to accept and love without condition. It is easier to do whatever satisfies my flesh. It is easy.

However, holiness and easy are not synonymous. You’re not going to open up the word of God and find that we are told to be holy like our Father is holy is a task we can approach with ease. Instead, we notice that our faith will make us stand out a bit.

We are aliens, this is not our home.

Brothers and sisters, maybe the world has seduced you. Maybe you have been caught up in the share of a love affair with the world. Maybe things that are good lost an o in the process and became your god. But it is never too late to throw away what hinders, ensnares you, and binds you and run back to the Ultimate Lover of your soul.

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