Story Time


I love being able to frequently read books and poems to the children that I nanny. I appreciate how eager they are to crawl into my lap and hear the same story I’ve read every day this week–like it is the first time.

They have a thirst and desire to hear the same tales repetitively. They never tire of it.

Know what? I’m not like these precious girls. I get tired of reading the same Fancy Nancy, Dora the Explorer and Eric Carle books every day. We have hundreds of books to choose from, but they reach for books with pages worn from repeated pagings.

But that isn’t what distesses me. These darlings pick the same familiar stories because they comfort them. They enjoy crawling into a lap of a person they love and trust. And the same enthusiastic readings of the stories speak their love language.

I don’t have to love reading the same stories. But I do love them. And I do love spending that time bonding with them.  I just wish I could be as the children.

I wish the same stories in Scripture would draw me in until my pages fall out of my Bible. I wish I could remember that the Bible isn’t merely history, it is His story and I have a distinctive spot in it. I need to crawl into Abba’s lap and let Him tell these stories to me again and again.

Until I can complete the sentences. Until I can tell the whole story in tandem with the readings. Until I can tell the stories to myself without any help….


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