On the things I took for Granted…

10840_100176000008654_100000487620553_1834_4493760_nI have been on quite an exciting adventure down the rabbit hole of thankfulness. My heart swells with gratitude when I am forced to consider the things for which I am thankful. The moments following making my lists, I immediately realize that if I am going to feel thankful about such things, then, in turn, I need to act thankful for these things. So, my attitude towards the people and things that I list changes significantly after each posting.

Today I wanted to just briefly look at things that I am very thankful for now that I once took for granted.

01. The chaos that was living in my house in high school. There was a lot of chaos! There were a lot of people in my home. My mother, brother, father, and four nieces. It made for a lot of loud noises, chaos, and fighting. But I took that for granted. Looking back, I am so gosh darned blessed at the people that I call my family. I miss my dad with an ache that feels like losing him all over again some days. I love my mother with such a fever that I am sure it makes me delusional. I miss my brother and his laughter when everything hurts, and I just want something familiar. And I miss those four precious girls that I haven’t seen in years.

02. The friends that were sandpaperish. There is a really frequently used Christian mentality, that people God brings into your life that are used to refine you through the ways they “rub you wrong” are stuck with the label “sandpaper”. In the course of my life, I can look back and quickly name sandpaper people that have come and gone. I wasn’t thankful for them then. But I am very thankful now. I am so appreciative of the ways that I am different. I am much more prone to expect better from people in the ways that they treat me, because I’ve been treated so poorly in the past and I accepted that. Now, I know I don’t have to. And I don’t choose that path for myself any longer.

03. Being at a strict Bible college. I have always had thankful feelings towards the idea of the university that I attended. But, I am so thankful for the knowledge and theological standpoints that I acquired and developed while studying under such brilliant Bible scholars. I love that I can text my best friend questions about theophany and preincarnate Christ and not feel like either of us have double heads because we have opinions one way or the other. And, most importantly, it taught me to be okay with the different opinions that do not deal with salvation issues.

What have you recently discovered you are thankful for that  you took for granted in the past?



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