King Neb

The Best Days are the Last Days 019With my small group on Wednesday nights we are going through the book of Daniel in a Beth Moore studies. I am really a strong fan of Beth Moore studies because of her strict adherence to the word of God, and her determination to have you, not only examine yourself, but through the lenses of God’s word. I am really stuck on Daniel chapter 3. There is something that is completely moving about the story of the fiery furnace. Beth spends a lot of time focusing on what we can do when we are faced with the fiery trials in life. And it definitely got me thinking. But, then I skipped ahead to chapter 4 and my heart felt flat.

Something happened in the years of Nebuchadnezzar experiencing the miracle of the three walking from the fire not even smelling like smoke. Something happened in the years that passed after hearing the interpretation of the dream that God had given to him. And, mind you, King Neb had called in men of all sorts of magic who could not tell the dream back to him, let alone interpret it. Then Daniel came along, and through God’s power, retold the dream and gave Neb the meaning.

I’m so afraid that it is something that I do. I witness something big. I see miracles happen every day. And then I forget them. I see in Scripture the repeated reminders of God. He would use monuments and rename cities so that His people would not forget what He had done for them.

But they did anyway. And, today, I’m wondering how do I remember the miracles of God? How do I prevent myself from turning into a King Neb. How do I avoid seeing a miracle, turning my back, and then worshiping the god of self? How do I push past the forgetfulness that taints my ability to give God all of the glory?

This is just food for thought, because if I had an answer it wouldn’t weigh so heavily on my heart. Any suggestions?



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