You’re my person


My heart is doing backflips presently. My head has been jumping back and forth between new resolves for my life. Things I never envisioned myself saying have been really dominating my thought life. These are positive, life stretching things, mind you.

I’m getting ready to shift my life’s focus from making Ashley even more awesome, to a compassion campaign. I want to spend the next 12 months focused on loving like Jesus. Whatever that means. Whatever that requires. I am dropping all of my resolves focused on myself and looking at the world differently.

The compassion campaign is in the works with the action that will be required to meet the end result. And I know that it is going to be crazy, scary and require a lot of sacrifice of comfort. But, with that being said I do want to mention something this whole consideration made me realize.

When it comes to friendship? I’m Charlie Sheen level winning.

I have someone who is my person. I can call her. She would have a dance off with me in a heartbeat. And I know that she considers me her person as well. I also have a Troy to my Abed, a Booth to my Bones, a Shawn to my Gus. There’s also someone who gets exactly what my heart is saying about being so prone to wanderlust, even before I finish the sentence. I have a fellow Lucy.

I have a rich, abundant collection of people who understand my inner workings and I am floored by how ignorant I have been of that. I almost missed that.

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