On nearly missing it


I almost missed it. On my quest for contentment, I compromised the solid knowledge of true identity. We are not meant to spend years searching to decipher who we are. The moment we acknowledge whose we are, the tides change and life follows a different rhythm.

Rather than a consistent battle with the mirror trying to look like the airbrushed models of magazines…rather than changing who we are to make other people happy? We work on the applause of the audience of One. And we recognize that He has left us with the standard we are intended to follow. Society has an ever-morphing, never static ideology of perfection. God says that He is perfect and that we are meant to emulate Him.

I nearly lose it with how mesmerizing the Babylon of this Western society can be. And I almost missed it.

Until the other day. Two small, precious darlings aged 5 & 3 clambered to both be in my lap. And together they said:

You are the best Miss Ashley that ever was and ever will be.

My life isn’t about winning the comparison game. It isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’s. No, I’m Miss Ashley. And I’ve got to be the best one I can be.

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