What I Would Say to 16 Year Old Me

Making Assumptions 006This is another one of those lucky lists of mine. I am really a hardcore lover of list-making, if you can’t decipher that from the continual stream of them in my blog entries. But, this list is a culmination of things that I wish I could go back and tell 16 year old me.

  1. Society does not define you. You are not supposed to fit into the ever-morphing, never static imaginary mold that the world desires to fit you in (and re-fit you in). You are a child of God. And that’s all that matters. Your Father loves you.
  2. Your parents are right. Period. They get it. Their advice isn’t shallow, or out-dated. They understand what is best for you, and you’d have done well enough to have learned the lesson from doing the homework–not from going out and taking the test that life shoved at you.
  3. You will get over your first love, and your second, and the ones after that. You love people differently every time that you love someone. And that’s okay! That’s absolutely wonderful! It is freeing. But, you don’t have to give your heart away. It isn’t so much fun to realize that there are people miles and miles away that you don’t even always think about, who still own rights to pieces of you. You should really save those. I swear, it would be so much better to feel completely put together at this part in the game.
  4. Don’t worry about impressing other people. Because, honestly, they don’t care. In 10 years, these people are not going to remember what you wore to class on the third Monday of the school year. (And if they do, they have a freakish memory and that isn’t going to end well for them. Or they don’t have anything exciting to do other than to live in the past.)
  5. Pursue your dreams. Don’t let other people write them for you. The arm cannot be the foot. The lips cannot be the mouth. We are not designed to work that way. So stop trying to conform to a different task. Be 100% you, I swear, you get old enough and realize that people love you for who you are. AND YOU WANT THEM TO LOVE THAT PART OF YOU. THE REAL YOU. PERIOD.
  6. Stop listening to awful music. Seriously, you should have been listening to awesome music. Now you’re just embarrassed about your past musical obsessions.

I’m sure that this list will have additions, revisions, and much more implication than just the things I am saying with jest and sarcasm. I am so thankful that I survived being 16. And 18, 21, and that I am more than surviving this whole being 25 business. I’m glad that I’m not who I was 9 years ago. And I’m glad that in 10 years, I won’t be the same me. It is a beautifully, ironically, wonderful thing–change. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt when you are going through it. But, boy is it worth it.



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