Love, Compassion, & Other Things


I took that picture to introduce my Valentine’s Day entry. I could use this entire space to talk about being 25 and single. Or I could talk about my Compassion Campaign and how I am not even considering any men for romantic relationships until my year is done.

But my relationship status, surprisingly, means nothing to me this 2013. I have so many other things coursing through my brain that getting a boyfriend and hoping he is husband material feels light years away.

Today I’m thinking a lot about sacrifice. The Lenten season is overflowing with sacrifice and attention to spirituality that my heart swells with this season. I am deeply moved by the attention to something that holds such deep, sacred richness for me.

I’m tired of being selfish. I’m tired of being self absorbed. I live too much nitpicking myself and disgusing it as humility. Reality? Focus on self, negative or positive is pride. Period. Pride is thinking of yourself too much.

I am searching, eagerly for opportunities to give more of myself for the sake of the Kingdom. I want to cultivate a heart that is driven by compassion, and not consistently lamenting my lack thereof. I want helping others and seeing others to be what I do first, rather than in hindsight.

I want people to see my life and think, “yes, this woman has been with Jesus.” I want that to be a reflexive response, not a challenge filled conclusion deduced about me.


2 thoughts on “Love, Compassion, & Other Things

  1. that’s a great point about pride being positive or negative attention to yourself. it’s easy to think about it being when you glorify yourself, but no one ever considers it pride to bash yourself. i feel like that’s considered humility almost, but that’s not true at all.

    • I believe it is a common misconception. Humility is echoed in the concept of Jesus must increase and we must decrease. True humility comes from recognizing that we are Created and the Creator is in charge and deserves all glory. Self absorption is pride. Period.

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