I Never Knew

hipsterI never knew that my life could feel so radically different in just ten years. I didn’t know that I could go from never trusting a single soul, to having people that see right to the center of me and embrace me and love me. I never dreamed that I would have such incredible people surrounding me, that do life with me. They celebrate with me. They love me. FOR ME. I never knew that it was possible.

And yet, here I am. Dumbfounded, astonished, and most importantly thankful.

I’m thankful for every phone conversation, every confrontation, laugh, tears, hugs, moments where they just held my hand, text messages in the middle of the night, putting up with my shenanigans, every single television episode, every good (and bad) movie we’ve ever watched together, road trips all over the place, good (and awful) food, late night talks, spiritual discussions, talks about dreams & aspirations, challenging questions, workout sessions, Just Dance Parties, every non traditional celebration of holidays, finding that these people are my family, photobooths photos, EVERY photo, bad web cam recordings, 6 miles to Brilliant, critiques and reviews, prayers, note, present.

These people in my life these days? You can’t reproduce the awesome that they ooze from their pores. (Sorry, had to cut the sappy sentimental business with a joke). But I love them.

I never knew.



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