And I Feel Fine

heres to living in the moment 020

copacetic \koh-puh-SET-ik\ , adjective:
Very satisfactory; fine.

I’m very suspect of my feelings. I don’t know that they are meant to be trusted, honestly. I think we’re supposed to make note of them. But they shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the decisions that we make. There are plenty of times in my life that I’ve felt fine. And then, those moments seem to be the times that everything falls apart.

I know that the heart is deceptive, above all things. Our hearts aren’t meant to be our moral compass. So, why then, do I catch myself in so many situations where everything is “fine” and I make the wrong decisions?

Copacetic is the set up for complacency. We look around, proud and pleased with all that we see, and then we dive into this illusion that we are untouchable. This isn’t the sort of “fine” that we politely mutter to passerbys when they ask us how we are. This is a satisfaction in our soul. One that we shouldn’t necessarily put stock into.

Nothing is static. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything changes. (Apart from Love everlasting, I firmly believe that everything is here today, gone tomorrow in the world). We don’t get to choose who chooses to stay in our lives. We don’t control the economy. We cannot predict natural disasters. We don’t know when tragedy will strike.

But, there are some days when I can’t help but sigh and be glad in my heart and know that I’m contented. I don’t have to have all of the answers. I don’t. It is this beautiful thing about being 25 and in the middle of this grand adventure of my life. (Ask me in 20 years, I’ll still only be in the middle..) I don’t have to ever have all the answers.

I just have to the right questions.



2 thoughts on “And I Feel Fine

  1. Faith actually taught me this word last year..hahaha I used it alot – I mean overused it! Now, I get it….LOL

    On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Many Thoughts

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