Heart Dislocated

myriad of things 020The Gospels echo the teachings of Jesus to a part where they resonate in the very core of my soul. I’ve been on a Compassion Campaign, studying Jesus via the Gospels and aching to have my life be an echo of His life. I want my heart to break for what breaks God’s heart. I’m no sucker, though. I know that this is an anticipatory prayer. I know that God answers when I ask bold things in prayer. I know that God will be found as I continue to seek Him. Jeremiah 29:13 bounces across my thoughts daily.

We see in Scripture that if you follow your treasure, you can certainly locate your heart. I know that to really determine what someone cares about you examine three things. You discover how they spend their time, where they spend their treasure, and how they use their talents. I’m not suggesting that we turn this into a game where we check off a nice little list.

Am I spending time in church and in Bible studies with small groups? Check.
Am I spending time in the Word and in prayer? Double check
Am I tithing to my local congregation? Check
Am I giving to missions? Check
Am I using my talents to edify the body of believers? Check

Sure, that sounds good when you lay it all out. You could examine those things and say, “HEY! Ashley’s heart is really on God and His kingdom. And you’d be absolutely wrong.

I am easily suckered into going through the motions. I see before me a list of things that I believe that I should be doing. So then I start doing them. And because I am following rituals like Pharisees and Sadducees, my heart isn’t changing.

So, I’m spending a year, seeing that my heart may look like it is in the right place, but honestly a heart of stone in the right place is leagues behind a heart of flesh that is aching to be in the right place.

And even once my heart is located, and I find it? I better be prepared to lose it again.

I want a heart broken for the lost, the widows, and the orphans. I want to see needs and rise to meet them. I want to give generously and not knowing that I can afford things on my own. Because I can’t. I can’t do things without God. My church family is very big on doing things SO BIG that if God isn’t in them, they are guaranteed to fail. I want to live a life of love so extravagant, that if God isn’t backing me 100%, it is in vain.

I want to have love so abundant that I can’t help but spill it out on others.

I need a heart dislocated.



2 thoughts on “Heart Dislocated

  1. I LOVE this!! Ashley – one of my favs so far…
    You hit the nail on the head here! We can make a list, check it twice, etc. but none of that means anything unless it’s REAL! REAL WORSHIP – REAL COMMITMENT….it takes all of our hearts and all of our souls – as Scripture tells us. Thank you for reminding me to make sure my heart is in it and make sure it belongs to God!!
    Luv ya sis

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