In you I saw:
A hint of a spark. A bright northern star. Potential. Possibilities without end. Infinity. Limitless endings.

I craved the right to be by your side, as a vagabond helping you slay the dragons on your turbulent path. I threw out my back trying to lift your heavy heart.

In my very core I just knew that one day you would see what it is I see.

You would be able to laugh without the weight of ribcage pressing in against your rotting heart because you’d no longer carry the bruises of your bitter past.

There would be flesh beating inside that cage. No stones as a poor replacement any longer.

You would make the best decisions. You would choose the path with struggles, so you could celebrate your triumphs and your successes.

You would do it because I knew you could.

In me you saw: weakness, inferiority, kindness that could be advantageous. You saw forgiveness without any apologies. You saw determination and tenacity, the belief that I would watch you fall a thousand times and take a lesson from Journey and I would not stop believing.

But I did.

Because you broke all your promises. They set in, a decay in my spirit. You sowed weeds and thorns into my heart. And it began to choke me out.

I drank enough milk to calcify a backbone.

And now I know that just because I see it, does not mean it is not an illusion. A mere smoke and mirrors trick.


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