Spring Blooms

Making Assumptions 020I can taste the fragrant waft of Spring
Inside my chest, where I feel best
A heart that is longing to once again sing
A winter set long inside my soul
I lost the sensation of touch
And here I stretch from this eternal cold

Into a brighter set of days
A steady climb from cool to warm
And I do hope this new found experience stays
The pieces of me lay frozen no more
I sense the tired heart grow to bloom
I hear the waves return again to shore

No longer a frozen lake of uncertainty
Hope eternal takes charge, takes its throne
I can feel the life return to me
Hibernation lasted most of my life
For once I am waking up
And now I work to regain lost time

Is this what life is like when you have chosen to die?
Giving up your life to find life.
Letting go, so you know, that what you hold onto is right.

4 thoughts on “Spring Blooms

  1. Ashley – TRULY LOVE THIS!! I want a copy to place on my wall!!! Seriously – can I do that? I love this!!!

    On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 8:01 AM, Many Thoughts

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