Losing myself


My journey to a healthy weight isn’t a self loathing endeavor. I am not losing weight because I think that at 100lbs lighter I am going to love myself more. That line of thinking is what will set anyone up for failure.

The truth is this: if you can’t love yourself at your highest weight, you’re not going to achieve self love at your lowest weight.

I wish everyone could hear that. Getting fit and being healthy isn’t a journey to find a way to love yourself. If that is your journey, than you’re exponentially more likely to take shortcuts and to do the wrong things to your body on your fitness journey.

Do I love feeling like the true Ashley is trapped underneath all of this fat? Absolutely not. But I would be a fool if I based my self worth on what I look like. Who I am is in my heart and soul. And I am slowly beginning to see how beautiful and lovely that is.

But my weight loss journey is because I love myself. I am doing it because I love me and I am going to be the best version of me there is.

Losing this weight isn’t an attempt to lose myself. It isn’t even an attempt to find myself. It is my journey of refining, defining, and exploring myself. Losing weight should never be to find self love, but because you have self love.

And I fully believe that it is part of the recipe for success. If you are doing it because you love your body, you will work every inch of yourself to be good to your body. I swear it.

I love myfitnesspal. I’m serious. I love the app. I love the website. I love the community. I’m there as copiousmusings. Come find me.

My absolute fool proof recipe for success.
1. Don’t eat like a cow.
2. Sweat like a pig.

And you will look like a fox.

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