Everything as a Time of Day

Transitions Graduation - PVM 170I was recently asked to consider what my favorite place is presently. And, I realized that I don’t have one any longer. Through seasons of my life I have found places that I enjoyed, and often found myself retreating back into when the rest of the world seemed loud and filled with chaos. When I was younger, it was in the secret clubhouse in the woods behind the neighbor’s house. It was a natural formation of trees that we always climbed, clamored, and rallied within through the various seasons of life. It was a little hide out, and it required no work to form.

When I was in college, hands down, being at what we so affectionately deemed the “ghetto” playground of Grayson Lake was on one of my top ten lists of places I would always rather be. It was a beautiful view of the lake, and the stars were fantastic there. Throughout the years we discovered other areas of the lake to hide out in: Pride Rock, Rockafall, the Natural Water Slide–all of those places were beautiful in their own respects. And there was something so fantastic about the seclusion from the hustle and bustle to convene in nature, to meet with God.

At Pleasant Vineyard Ministries Camp, it was that natural waterfall. Out of all of the beautiful places on the campground, I was in love with the soothing sounds of water rushing over the water. I remember the laughter that filled it as we would act out drama camp dramas in the water as well. It was just secluded, quiet, set apart.

I don’t have one of those places here in Indiana. It isn’t even that I’ve made any effort to find such a place. I think what happens with favorite places is that I find myself pining for some other place consistently. It always becomes a place that I would rather be, over a place that I enjoy when I’m finally there again. It used to be on the front porch of a dear friend, long turned someone that I used to know. It has been places that I’ve lived, or places that I’ve visited.

But, I’m learning that on my path to contentment, that there are other places that I could be, but lately I’ve discovered, there’s no place that I’d rather be these days. And it is such a beautiful, calming, freeing feeling.


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