Just A Little

His blood commands my guilt to leave 030It always seems that the moment when I am sitting down to write my thankful Tuesday posts, I don’t feel very thankful. I am feeling very overwhelmed. I kind of want to take a hiatus from my responsibilities and run away to some exotic location for several weeks…months…years.

I’m thankful that even when I don’t feel thankful, that there are still many things for which to be thankful.

Laughter, My person, day trips to Evansville, Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, powering through hard workouts even when I have to scream my way through it, people who love and pray for me even when I can’t stand on my own, tomorrows that are left unspoiled and without blemish…

And even when my thankful list doesn’t seem to be a mile long, I know that grace everlasting, and brighter days…they are coming.

Even when I can’t see them. Even when I can’t believe in them. They are coming.


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