: something left unchanged

I would like to believe that I have changed. I would like to believe that as the years pass, that I make progress, and that it is positive progress. I would be filled with remorse if I looked back on my years of life and noticed a pattern of only making negative additions to my habits and to my lifestyle choice.

As we explore relict today, I realized that there are parts of me that will always remain unchanged. I know, I can hear your inner thoughts right now, how could I promise such an unknown thing?

Even though people have the natural inclination to evolve to adapt to their new situations in life, and to fit their new roles, I believe that there are things inside of us all that never change. I will never want to sit around and listen to classical music without the intentions of going to sleep.

I will never wake up and think that the texture of Jell-O is particularly appetizing. I’m not going to believe that the process of eating meat left on the bone isn’t tiresome and a waste of my time. I am never going to love reading Shakespeare (I’ve given it many times, and many years.) I will not understand why people love Superman, Spiderman, Batman, other superheros as much as they do. I won’t ever find a satisfaction in collecting baseball cards or watching televised sports.

And I think that it’s all okay.

I think there are tiny little fragments of our personalities, that we write off as likes or dislikes, pet peeves, or quirks, that help set us apart from others. I think that is a delightful thing to note these small consistencies that we have. With food, I know that one day I might very well enjoy hazlenut (eh, who I’m kidding, that’s never going to happen) and jump on the Nutella craze. My food tastes might change.

But I’m probably always going to believe that you’re submitting me to torture if you suggest Beach Boys as our road trip music. I won’t ever be able to rock out to music that has words that I can’t understand, even though I’m assured that it is all English.

And that’s okay. There are things about people that make them fit just right like your favorite sweater. The way that they laugh, the way that they crack their lips when they are about to smile..the stormy look in their eyes that serves as a warning for a mood change.




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