Cast Down Your Idols


An idol is anything that is a contender with God for the throne of your heart. It could be food, sexual sin, money, your family, that “perfect” relationship, your children, your career….anything.

And the harsh, bitter reality is that we were beings created for worship. If we aren’t worshiping the Creator, then we are letting something hold the position of King of our lives.

And that is scary. We don’t always get it perfect. We are imperfect creatures striving for perfection. We draw towards He who is good and we realize that He alone is worthy of the title good.

These days I have realized that I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, but yet I delight on the feast of things that will never satisfy.

(Yeah, the girl working to lose weight is comparing spirituality to a buffet of foods that won’t fuel me through the storms of life.)

Seeing numbers go down on the scale may give me temporary delight, but it will not satisfy.

Making paychecks may make the bills lessen, but it will not make me eternally rich.

Finding friends to support me may lift me up, but people inevitably disappoint, only God will consistently remain unchanged.

The truth is, everything will turn to rot and feed the moths. I don’t want my idols to be what I am bowing to when I should be turning to the Lord as my savior. Only He can save me. Only Jesus.

Don’t be romanced by your idols. They may swoon you and infatuate you, but they will not love you. They will not save you.

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