Heart in a Headlock


An eviction notice delivered
From the brain and to the heart
Lines about eviction
How it was in the wrong place from the start
Rather than be locked
Inside a cage without a key
Perched on the sleeve
Where it could roam free
The heart taken aback
By this notion so absurd
Simply believed that
Cages were meant only for the bird
And the reign of the brain
Though honest and of concern
Was limiting the heart
On all the lessons left to learn
“I’ll go,” said the heart
This goodbye said solemnly
The brain simply mused
“Love something; set it free.”
“What know you of love?”
The heart quick to reply
“That it makes you insane,
That it causes your eyes to cry.
That there is no coming back
Once you love you have lost
Everything about yourself
And always at a cost.
I am sent into overdrive
Insomnia because I can’t rest
Love is a means or suicide
Madness, mania, at best.”

“But the million miles an hour
Thoughts charging through the brain
While they cause mania
And other folks will cry insane.
It is the beauty of chaos
Everything you once knew
Is jumbled and tossed
And represented to you.
Everything seems different
And you don’t have to know why.
You’re too cynical
Really, you must try.”

The brain gave it some thought
But nothing could change it
It bid the heart farewell
And turned away from it.
And ever since then
The brain has found itself caged
There is less beauty
And so many reasons to be enraged.


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