Fiery Furnace

i believe in the sun 027Lately I have realized the importance of owning your faith. It is so easy to accept what is force fed to you. You hear it from your parents, friends, pastors, mentors–the things that define their faith. But there are moments in your life where your faith is tested, and nothing from the mouths of others is going to save you.

I think of being tested in a fiery furnace. I cannot imagine the tremendous scorching reality of the furnace growing hotter while they stood and made their case. I can’t imagine the pressure of remaining faithful even though the fate presented to them was sealed if they chose God over bowing before an idol.

Except, I sort of do. In the moments when I have to choose to do what’s right over looking foolish in the face of my peers, that’s my modern day fiery furnace. The moments when I have to walk away from temptation, and choose something that I desire much less–that is facing a furnace.

I am thankful that I serve a risen Savior who stood the temptations of the desert. I am thankful that He understands what it is to be tempted in every way.

Because it is time own my faith even in the face of the fire.



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