Playing opossum


My job affords some intriguing experiences that I’ve never encountered previously. With my nanny family I flew for the first time. I had my first trip to Disney that wasn’t educational. I took care of a two week old baby while also taking care of preschool aged children. There have been plenty of times when the memories of my adventures with the family have afforded frustration or a feeling of utter incompetence. And then there are those times that make me feel as if I’ve stepped into an episode of Punk’d on MTV. The day that my boss thought that allowing his daughter to pick out an animal trap was a good idea. And that was followed by the subsequent belief that setting that trap before he left for a vacation was an even more intelligent decision. And what were we to encounter? An opossum had been trapped for several days. The girls loved it. Even though I didn’t understand the joy behind trapping a live animal, now obviously perturbed, they did. I had the knee-jerk reaction to hold my phone steady with 911 on speed dial for fear that a rabbies-infected animal was now going to strike the children and their father…it didn’t even make them pause. The fearlessness that I see in the children bolsters my faithfulness with Christ. I have a lot of if-only moments when I am serving as Miss Ashley. If only I had the faith of the children. Could I believe in everything that God has promised me? Could I walk trusting that He will take care of me. Could I run into His arms knowing He is more than able? If only I had the joy of the children. Could I delight in God & the gifts He gives? Could I love every day because my joy is established in something that never disappoints? I am constantly marveling at the works that God does in my heart through being a nanny. And how many people can say that they have such an intriguing experience at their jobs? Any good stories to share?

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