The theology of a Lab Rat


After a weekend of some pretty terrible eating I discovered that I have a strong correlation to lab rats. I constantly act as if the temporary pleasure (delicious looking, smelling, tasting food) will outweigh the pain (world war iii happening inside my body following the consumption). I will hit more on those crazy eating habits on my weight loss blog this weekend.

But I realized that this also had spiritual implications for me. I tend to behave as if the temporary pleasure (seeking other forms of spending time rather than diligently seeking God) will outweigh the inevitable consequence (a life spiraling out of control). Why can’t I learn my lesson? What about human nature allows us to believe in gravity though we don’t see it, and yet have to touch paint after reading a sign that reads ‘wet paint’?

It is exhausting how easily I trade the promise of my eternal reward for the momentary decision for temporary satisfaction.

I don’t want to live my life sacrificing the ultimate end…a uninterrupted fellowship with the Trinity. There will be NOTHING to ever distract my focus. Yet my little sins seem like the right thing in the moment.

Lord help my folly! Draw me into Your arms. Help me to recognize Your invitation into a deeper fellowship with you. Help me to focus on You even when I struggle with belief. Lord, Help my unbelief. Remind me that I have to be faithful in small things to see the fruit of being entrusted with large things. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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