The Stupidity of a Lab Rat

eggsOn Thursday I alluded to this fantastic little post on the stupidity of a lab rat. What does this have to do with my weight loss journey? It is simple. This is the same mistake that I keep making that isn’t really conducive with my weight loss goals.

I continue to eat junk, because I think the temporary satisfaction (eating that delicious smelling, looking and tasting junk food) will outweigh the ultimate punishment (the world war iii that happens in my stomach following the food consumption.)

It honestly excites me, though. I love that my body no longer accepts cheap imitation food as a means of fuel. If I want my body to be strong, tough, and awesome, then I need to eat the right fuel for my body. I’m not going to take my car to the gas station and fill it with diesel and anticipate that it will run without a hitch.

I cannot be on a weight loss journey and keep trying to fuel my body with greasy pizza, garlic bread, and sweet tea that is really just sugar water with a pinch of tea.

My body doesn’t work that way.

I’ve discovered that there is only one true hope to sustainable weight loss. You change your diet–for good. Crash dieting and money-consuming gimmicks will not promote a lifelong weight loss maintenance. Drastic measures will get the weight off, but the second you resume eating like you did before, you will gain all of the weight back and then some.

I didn’t make all of my changes overnight, either. I cut soda. Then I decided to drink more water. Then I decided exercising would be beneficial. Then I started cutting sugars and carbs. Then I started loading with veggies and made an effort to discover better alternatives to what I was eating before.

This is a trial and error process. But I am so excited about this journey. I just have to stop with the pizza. Seriously. Just swat it out of my hand. It makes me feel like I’m dying.



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