Mighty To Save




MEANING: adjective: Having deep insight or understanding.

My life has been filled with desert periods. My life has been filled to the brim with mountain top experiences as well. I feel as if I am leagues away from ever having deep insight or understanding, especially in regards to faith.

But, this I know with all my heart : my God is mighty to save. And if I ever longed to be a percipient person, it would be in having this fact locked as my waking, breathing expectation.

I have trouble holding onto it lately. I can look back and see the fruitful realization of this fact when I look back in retrospect.

But when my faith is waivering, when my heart is aching in the dark places. When my head is filled to overflowing with lies and not the truth? I ache to have the space from my head to heart filled with a bridge.

These days I find myself crying out to the Heavens, praying for the eyes of my heart to be opened to the reality that even now He is still mighty to save.


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