Hold On

no fires just home 023Dear Daughters and Sons,

There are many seasons in your life that seem without hope or without end. The bills continue to pile up. Your relationship continues to be on the verge of falling apart. Your children seem unruly and without any hope of salvation. Your days end without even placing a dent in your to-do list. You cannot seem to win the battle against yourself in the mirror every morning. Weariness sets in like rigor mortis and threatens to calcify all of your bones until you cannot move from out beneath the mountain of stress.

The only bone in your body I require to calcify is your backbone. I want you to grow to be mighty and strong warriors in my name. I want you to know that your weakness only allows my strength to shine through, and that’s the only strength that you need to face each day. Please stop looking at each day with disdain and fear that you cannot do it. Don’t you know, dear one, that with man it is all impossible, but with me all things are possible? Don’t you recall to mind that I am the One who has created this all and holds it all in the palm of my hand?

It breaks my heart to see you hurting. When you are brokenhearted, I draw closer to you. I understand your sorrows, and my dear child, I delight in comforting you until the final day where there is no more tears and no more pain. Instead, you will spend eternity, safely in my presence, as I always intended it to be.

I know that the world is working overtime to make you weary and down hearted, but love, I have overcome. The trouble may seem unending, but it is temporary and light in the scheme of the universe. This is only a brief moment in your existence. On Earth you will live and you will die an earthly death, but you will enter into life everlasting and nothing will stop you then.

Hold on, there’s a break in this rough weather. Hold on even if you aren’t sure that you can. Hold on.



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