Breaking Up with My Scale

saladI have considered it a priority to be honest along my weight loss journey, because it does nobody any good to believe that this process is simple or without any ups and downs. I have encountered something that frustrates me beyond words, my scale is stalled.

I lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time. (Which isn’t all that terrible in light of how much I weigh and how much that my body should lose along the way). But that meant that, even though I was gaining muscle (and trust me, I am!) I was still losing fat percentages much more quickly than gaining muscle. That meant, that the second the fat percentage dropping stopped, the muscle gain wouldn’t necessarily stop as well. Which is fine. I have always excitedly admitted that I want to gain muscle. I don’t want to be skinny; I want to be strong.

But I had a terrible habit of being excited when I saw the numbers drop on the scale. I didn’t think that it had any influence over me. I just thought that they were numbers and that they didn’t dictate my emotions about this whole process. But I was wrong.

When the scale went up instead of down after some intense days of working out (and not because I thought it was going to speed my process up, but because I had extra time in the day to workout, and I’m a nut who actually enjoys it anyway), I was defeated. I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away from this whole process.

Which is seriously ridiculous. (How oxymoronic of me.) But it really was that much of a variable in how I defined my day. If I stepped on a scale and the numbers went down, then I had something to celebrate all day. That whole business frustrated me, and infuriated me. Why? Because I can feel and see my body changing. It is much more noticeable in pictures from past compared to ones of the present moment. But, I cannot let the numbers on the scale become my obsession.

So I broke up with my scale.

I need to get a tape measurer and spend more time noticing the inches that I lose along the way. But, I am not completely done with weighing myself either. I have marked this as a lifestyle change, not just a temporary fad diet. If I wanted to lose weight, I could do it quickly and it would be unhealthy. But I need to refocus and consider weight loss a byproduct of getting healthy and fit.

So my scale and I had a talk and decided we needed to see a lot less of one another along the way.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Up with My Scale

  1. It’s quite coincidental that I had this very conversation with Adria the other day. I have vowed not to step on a scale for a long time. It only discourages and frustrates me beyond belief. I have worked incredibly hard this last week and I thought I would step on the scale (against what I had vowed to myself) and was highly disappointed. The scale has not moved after days and weeks of working hard not only on my diet but working out as well. I have invested in a calipers for fat measurements and will only go by measurements from here out! I encourage ditching the scale as you plan because I know how frustrating it can be!!! Glad I have my weight loss family to share any negative thoughts I may be having because they always bring me back to positive thoughts. All I can say is that you are doing everything right. I am the type (as well as Adria) who wants immediate results. When I was an athlete I usually did get immediate results and now post baby and 5 years without working out…. It’s not easy anymore! And it’s hard not seeing the weight fly off like it used to 😦 Hang in there and keep on keepin on!!! I’ve been following a lady on Instagram who has been on a weight loss journey and in the meantime found she has cancer. She is now a bodybuilder and looks fabulous! She talks about how she struggled with wanting to give up but pushed on and I cannot tell you how much motivation and hope she has given me… But anyways! Great post!

    • Thanks for reading, Taryn! I completely understand your sentiments about feeling as if your hard work is nothing but sheer vanity when you step on the scale and it isn’t budging. I have had to remind myself countless times that the scale is an inaccurate reflection of the hard work that I’m putting in; but I also have to live knowing that these aren’t just attempts to lose weight. I want to change my life and celebrate that I have changed my lifestyle. Losing the weight that I desperately want to lose is a byproduct of the dedication that I have to eating better and moving so so so much more! I am proud of your adventure and am so excited to see what else you’re capable of busting through!

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