Pressure for Success

khood 014Growing pains are never easy. The aching of emotional bones growing and strengthening is quite heavy to bear frequently. Thankfulness isn’t something spilling from my life at all times. That’s why I am so often forcing myself to sit down and write a post weekly about for what I am thankful.

It isn’t deception to write such a post, because even if I have to reach inside my chest cavity and pull one minuscule fragment out, there’s something that echoes thanksgiving in my life. Or something that I at least recognize as something for which I should be thankful.

Presently I am thankful for these growing pains. Everything about my emotional self is growing. I see a build in stress, frustration and exasperation in nearly every facet of my life. I am thankful for the constant people that pour love and understanding and wisdom into my life when all rational thought desires to escape.

I know that everything beautiful in nature has survived pressure and odds that seemed stacked against them. Consider a diamond. A diamond is not created from thin air. It is coal that has to undergo intense pressure in order to come out shining brightly. A flower doesn’t magically appear overnight. It is the process of a seed bursting open and pushing through dirt that is pressing back against it in order to grow.

A baby bird doesn’t just go from egg to flying. It must struggle to break open the shell before it spends its time in the nest growing to the appropriate weight and length, as well as strength to fly. The caterpillar never goes to sleep and the next day has wings to fly. First, it must go through the entire chrysalis process in order to be transformed.

I am thankful for everything feeling so heavy on my chest right now. I am thankful for all of the tears that I am presently crying at night before I sleep. I am thankful for the strengthened prayer life because it is only by God’s strength that I am making it through each day. I am thankful because even though I’m just coal right now…

one day I will be a diamond and this pressure and circumstance won’t echo as solely vanity.



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