Cry of My Heart

thingsconqueredFather, forgiveness is what I seek within Your presence now. I have become a ghost of what You created me to be. You designed me with the intention to glorify and worship You, remaining in communion with You, Your Son, the Spirit. Instead, I turn things and people into my life into gods. I worship them by sacrificing time, talent, and energy to invest into them, rather than come before Your throne. I come ashamed that I have forgotten my first love, and apologetic that it has taken so long for my heart to be convicted. You are the Creator of the universe and, yet, You know me by name. You designed every detail of me, and You have never forgotten that. I praise You that You would be ever so mindful of me regardless of my focus being on You. Thank You for the ways that You bless me. You provide for me. You lavish good gifts on me because You are my loving Father. Help me, Daddy, because I cannot do this on my own. I putter out when I long to live by my strength. I fall apart because I cannot fathom what You are teaching me in this season of my life, but I know that it is exhausting. I long to feel full of Your presence again. I feel, so much, as if I have lost favor in Your sight. I looked to the world for fulfillment again, and there is nothing that can be done apart from You. Father, forgive me for my selfishness, and help me to move back to a state of being, existing in Your every day present, selfless. Forsake me not, and do not forget the works of Your hands. Open my eyes to situations where I can glorify You. Help me to reconnect with my understanding of the gifts that You have given me in order to glorify You and strengthen Your kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Father, in the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray, the only name that saves. Amen



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