Inhale, Exhale

one fine day in the emerald city 004The serenity of nature coupled with the breathtaking, heart stopping escapism of leaving my brain for a while
The moment when I strap on my laces and begin to set the pace as I feel my muscles loosen and my feet find the cadence
And my head feels all fuzzy, initially, searching for any word to use to pull the emergency brakes
And I push through those thoughts because the mentality is all wrong and I know if I just carry on
That my body will continue to carry me through each moment and I don’t even stop
I own it and I notice that as I am running that everything in my brain stops buzzing
All of the heavy weight of the world is falling off of my shoulder with each second I run the more
I forget about how everything is trying to hold me down and the more that I begin to see
That freedom is possible and that nothing is allowed to continue to bind me
I revel in the power of my muscles driving me long after I want to quit and I won’t have any of it
I have to keep going, have to keep moving
Have to keep running or everything in my brain gets too full and I just want to be emptied of it


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