IMAG2093This entire process has been filled with plenty of deceptive moments. There have been plenty of days where I have stepped on the scale and shaken my head because I can’t even fathom where the weight went. There are days when I feel that my body is changing and the scale says nothing of the sort.

And that is why I continually praise the measuring tape. Because I wouldn’t even predict that I’d lost any inches on my adventure. But I have. So many inches that it blows my mind, actually.

I can’t even begin to spell out how important it has been to me to just be able to run. As I increase distance in running, the more I realize that I can be a runner. I can love running. And I don’t have to compete against anyone but me. I can spend each day that I run, trying to beat me that I was the day before.

I wanted to emphasize that I didn’t decide to just give up things that I enjoy eating along the way. I believe that deprivation is going to be lead to more binging than just treating yourself in moderation. I did stop eating meat apart from fish. This wasn’t because I think giving up meat makes weight loss easy. I actually think it makes it more difficult to gauge the appropriate level of protein through out the day. Especially to compensate for the workouts.

I did give up potatoes. And that was a personal choice. I don’t have the best track record with self control. I knew that if I kept allowing potatoes to be a part of my regular diet that I would never maintain the reckless calorie consumption. I had to hone it in. And if I don’t eat potatoes, then I don’t have any draw to restaurants that serve them and have no vegetarian options. McDonald’s has no appeal to me if I don’t want to consume their french fries without a second thought.

But I don’t believe in giving up ice cream or treats or anything that I enjoy eating. Rather I just eat those things less often. And I know that it often means that I have to plan my meals and heavy workouts to be the days that I want to blow all of my calories on a treat. I am a really big fan of moderation and learning that you can change your weight and fitness level by eating what you enjoy.

Sustainable weight loss is never going to be achieved by cutting out things that you will find yourself binging on in the middle of the night. I try my best to eat clean and train mean.


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