Free versus Slave

pushing up daisies i wish they were roses 060I wear these chains around my wrists
Though they are not fastened tightly
I hold myself like I’m a captive
That I have any right to claim that
I have not been freed
You see, there’s something easy
Familiar, convenient about walking in
The same pattern that I’ve always known
Even though I’ve been let go
I’m afraid I won’t feel whole if I am walking
In this freedom
So I walk the same paths
With a hunched back
Shuffling my feet
Head down
And I am not making anyone proud
Pretending that I’m a slave
When I’ve been freed
The same power that lives in me
It conquered the grave
And in Him there is neither Gentile or Jew
Freed or slave because in Christ we are all the same
Co-heirs to the throne
I feel like the prodigal coming home
With my rehearsed speech and my ready made
Plea to hang with hired hands
Because I don’t deserve to be
At my Father’s table
But only by the Father’s grace am I even able
To say, “I’ve come home to stay.”


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