feb to april

  1. I will honor God with my body.
  2. I will eat as naturally as I can. Less processed, more whole foods.
  3. I will eat only fish as my meat source. (It isn’t cost-effective for me to buy meat for one person. And I don’t enjoy it enough to keep eating it.)
  4. I will allow myself to have things that I like, in moderation.
  5. I will work out because it makes me feel strong and beautiful.
  6. I will not let my attitude be dictated by only the number on the scale. There are many other ways to celebrate progress.
  7. I will measure inches lost.
  8. I will let my progress pictures help me remain encouraged.
  9. I will celebrate the small things. 2 miles without stopping. 2.25 miles without stopping.
  10. I will continue to work to build muscle as well as lose fat. I know that muscle building aids in fat burning and I am not fighting for a skinny body, I am fighting for a strong body.
  11. I will drink so much water that I might feel like I could float away.
  12. I will cut out as many instances of artificial sweetners from my daily diet.
  13. I will enjoy brown grains and whole grains over refined flours and bleached flours.
  14. I will say goodbye to potatoes because one potato makes me want to eat 100 of them.
  15. I will limit my carb consumption because it doesn’t make me happy to eat carbs.
  16. I will eat breakfast every single day. No excuses are valid.
  17. I will workout even when I would rather lay on the couch all evening.
  18. I will honor the day of rest and keep it sacred.
  19. I will believe in myself.
  20. There is absolutely no self-doubt when it comes to preparing for a workout or for a run. I will think positively and achieve extraordinarily.
  21. I will not wallow in my setbacks, but will turn them into comebacks.
  22. I will allow these disciplines to span through my entire life.
  23. I will be fit and fabulous.
  24. This isn’t merely a fad diet, this is my lifestyle from here on out.
  25. I will encourage others as their encouragement keeps me going.

These are just a few things I’m doing on my journey. What about you?


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